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How Can I Change The Registrant Of My Domain When They Have Died?

by Jo Shaer, on February 13, 2014

transfer domain ownership of websitesFurther to our posts on how to change the registrant of a website, here's another question that has come up from clients.

What happens if your domain lists someone who has died as the registrant and you are not able to log in to the registrar's account for the domain to change it?

This happened because the previous website designer made himself the registrant when he purchased the domain for our client - without knowing the ramifications of such a move. His death left us in something of a quandary.

A call to Nominet told us what we needed to do.

How to change the registrant of a domain when the existing person has died

If the existing registrant is deceased, Nominet will need:

  • a signed letter from the Executor of the Registrant's Will
  • a copy of the death certificate.

Once this has been provided, it will be possible to change the Admin email address that has been linked to the domain on the Nominet account. 

Once the new details are confirmed, the new Admin will be able to initiate a registrant transfer. It may also be possible to give this information to the registrar to get access to the domain's account with them.


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