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Change Your Twitter Username And Keep Your Followers!!!

by Alex Snell, on May 29, 2015

Hurrah! It appears you can now change your Twitter username AND keep your followers! This update is a massive step forward by Twitter, allowing the user to simply swap over their name instead of having to convince their followers to follow their new account!

Follow these steps to change your Twitter username:

1. Log in to Twitter and visit your account settings page. This can be found in the drop-down menu after clicking your profile picture next to the search bar.

2. On your account settings page, change the username that is currently in the username field. It can be up to 15 characters long.

3. At this point, you will be told if the new username you have chosen has already been taken, or if it's available. (It may take you a while to find a valid username that you like due to the 288 million users!)

4. Once you have chosen a valid name, save your changes.

Here's what Twitter say:
Change your Twitter username

They make a good point of reminding you to alert your existing followers of your new @username change. Otherwise, your followers won't have a clue where you've gone when they try to tag you or send a direct message.

But remember to check the username is available before Tweeting out your new name change! Before you save your changes, open up your feed in a separate tab and Tweet out your new name or take a screen shot and post the picture to your followers.

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