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Changing Between Personal Profile and Business Page on Google Plus

by Jo Shaer, on February 16, 2014

switch between personal and business pages on g+UPDATED FOR 2014. Of course, Google Plus finally started to make the platform easier to use recently.

If you hover over your picture at the top right of your navigation bar, you will see any business pages that you have created.

Click on those and you will be able to access any business pages that you have set up using this google account.

Changing between personal profile and business page on Google+ now very similar to Facebook functionality

It's very similar to the way that Facebook works now - surprise, surprise!

Having said that, Google+ are also trying to bring in any other accounts that you may have set up using other gmail addresses.

Using the right YouTube account - personal or business

You will probably have noticed similar issues when trying to use a YouTube account that you have set up for your business. Google has now split it into two separate YouTube accounts - one for you personally and one for your business.

Supposing I have a google business page set up using a google account which I do not use as my main account?

This has happened to us. We did not set up our Google Places page using the same account as we used for our gmail account for security reasons. We have spent a lot of time worrying about this with the events of the last two years.

However, now that our page has been upgraded to the new Places for Business dashboard, it looks as if there is a solution in sight.

Once the page is automatically upgraded to a Local Google+ page - we are advised not to jump in and upgrade manually but to wait until Google does this for us - there will be an option for the Owner of the page to authorise Managers to access the page. This, we hope will be the answer.

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