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Cheap SEO Websites

by Jo Shaer, on July 1, 2011

I think what I find most staggering is that, even when they know what it is that I do for a business, some local listing directories still try to sell me their SEO packages. These upsells are like an extra incentive to persuade businesses to sign up to the directory. A sort of 'cheap website' alternative.

The sales pitches are full of superlatives and examples of top spot rankings - although no one is prepared to guarantee such an outcome for any site made for you.

The first salesman revealed that I could have a special package - providing I signed up before close of business that day, which meant that I had about 20 minutes to make my decision.  I really hate that kind of hard sell, so I was never going to sign up but thought I would listen to what he had to say.

The two examples he showed me were both top of the front page of the Google SERPs organic listings for the long tail keyword that he had defined and had links which clicked through from there to the company's main website. Even with my knowledge, it looked very impressive. To the untrained eye, it must appear a must-have opportunity of overtaking any competitors.

The real downside is that, if I stopped paying, the website then disappears and, of course, they retained ownership of the domain name.

After thanking him nicely and declining his generous offer, I put the phone down and studied the offer more carefully.

What they don't tell you about cheap SEO websites

The mini-website result for one example was particularly impressive, there was no doubt. Top of the pops for over 102 million entries. 

But, on checking the keyword more carefully, it also became apparent that there was no search volume for it. So, although there were apparently 102 million other pages competing for that top slot, no one was actually searching for it.  

Whilst looking impressive on the surface, the whole exercise was something of a sham to get more advertising slots sold.

A ruse/formula which was to be repeated in slightly different formats during telephone calls with several other local listing directory salesmen over the next few days.

It is incredibly easy for these smooth talkers with their carefully learned sales pitches to blind the unsuspecting business owner with statistics and guarantees and examples of high ranking sites because they don't have the inside knowledge to be able to counter.

You should also remember that some local listing directories make their databases available to marketing companies for energy suppliers, so you need to ensure that you ask to opt out of that facility.

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