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Connect Your Facebook Personal Profile To Your Business Page

by Jo Shaer, on December 9, 2012

connect  personal profile to business page on facebookIf you want to start increasing the number of likes on your Facebook Business Page, a good place to start promoting yourself surreptitiously is via your Personal Profile.

You don't have to be in your face reminding everyone what you do though.

The best way is to connect your personal profile to your Business Page using the small About section underneath your personal profile image.

If you hover over the completed section on someone else's page, you will see that it shows a snapshot of the page, together with the Like button so you get a chance to like their business page, without even having to go over there.

If you click on Update Info, it will take you through to Work and Experience which you can edit.

The first box asks where you worked and if you start to type in either the name of a Page that you are already the admin of or the name of your organisation that has a Facebook Page, it should appear in a drop down menu ready for you to select.

Make sure you check that this link is actually a live page. There are a lot of personal profiles linking to 'suitcase' pages. These are normally caused when Facebook does not bring up the name of your business in the drop down menu.

suitcase pages on facebook

If you have set up a new business page or changed the name of your business page, give it a week or so and it should have found it in its database. You know you have the right page because it will show the profile picture and cover image.

add facebook business page to personal work section

A lot of people are also connecting their profiles to the WRONG business page. There may be more than one Facebook page with the same name as your business. Make sure you are connecting to your business not someone else on the other side of the world!

You could just fill out your position, where the business is and when you worked there, along with a description. But, if you really want to work that opportunity, it is a great idea to put a call to action in the box marked Position. So click here or See my business page.

Once you have saved your changes, when you return to your personal profile, you will see the lovely clickable link straight through to your business page.

Here's a little video that I did telling you how to connect your facebook personal profile to your business page.

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