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Content Sharing Statistics

by Jo Shaer, on June 9, 2012

Content Sharing Statistics - WhenWith thanks to the peeps at Search Engine Land and Add This, some great infographics that show content sharing statistics.

I bang on to all my clients about the importance of blogging and sharing that content over various different platform because it has been shown that this encourages comments - and if someone comments it means that Google can see interaction and engagement on your website.

It would seem that Wednesday at 9.30 is the best time to share (well, if you leave on Eastern Standard time) but I suspect this may well be the same in the rest of the Western world. People have dealt with their post, got their first cup of coffee and sit down to surf all that's interesting on the net.

when do people click throughIt's very interesting to note that 75% of click throughs occur within the first day of sharing and that most people actually click on the link within two minutes of receiving it.

Personally, I don't think I am that quick unless it is a particularly gripping or relevant article to what I'm working on at that time. And I do try to stagger my sharing throughout the day, rather than giving it to people all in one lump of frantic interaction.

where do we share contentAnd what's our favourite sharing platform? Well, Delicious, Digg and MySpace have all been losers over the last year with Facebook Send, Tumblr and Google +1 being the winners. My personal favourite, Stumbleupon, is somewhere in the middle.

But, in terms of overall growth of content sharing, the statistics show that Twitter beats everyone else into a cocked hat.

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