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Create A Facebook Business Page - Don't Be A FB Criminal!

by Jo Shaer, on August 15, 2014


Create a Facebook Business Page Create a Facebook Business Page
So when you create a Facebook account - that's your personal profile.

It's where you make friends and put up status updates that are personal.

If you want to promote your business, you should create a Facebook business page.

Otherwise, your friends get very fed up with you. And Facebook might close your personal profile down. They don't want you promoting your business for free to your friends! They want you to buy ads.

There are two big rules to stop you becoming a Facebook criminal.

  • You can only have one login to Facebook which must be your personal profile
  • People have friends, businesses have fans. Don't use a personal profile for your business

Create a Facebook Business Page

So, when you come to create a Facebook business page, you need to

Log in using your personal profile details.

Now click this link. It will take you to a page showing the types of page that you can choose from.

  • Local Business
  • Company or Institution
  • Product or Service
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Community Page

Create a Facebook Business page under the correct classificaton and category

Choose what classification you want to create a Facebook business page to be listed under. Then select the category option and choose the category that best describes what your business does.

If you are a local business, it's good to select that option as it will allow certain features that some of the others do not - the ability to show opening times, address and phone number. And the Facebook Review function.

If you're a local business that doesn't actually have a place that customers can physically visit or you do your work at the homes of your customers, that might not be the best option - you could be a Brand or Product, or you could be a Company or Institution. It's up to you to find the classification and sub category that best fit your business, so look through the options and see which one makes the most sense for you.


Set up business page on Facebook Set up business page on Facebook

Now add a description of your business and a link to your website. This can be edited later.

You will be asked to choose and create a unique Facebook business page url. This is the link that will allow people to find your Facebook page. So it will be http://www.facebook.com/**** You have to decide what you want to put in the *** section. Definitely it should include the name of your business.

Ours is http://www.facebook.com/LollipopLocalSMO. SMO stands for Social Media Optimisation. We have tried to add some keywords in as well as our business name. But you don't have to do that. It can make the URL much longer and less memorable. Whatever you choose here, you CANNOT CHANGE IT LATER! You are stuck with it. So choose wisely! You don't have to decide straightaway. You can just leave that section blank and choose and claim this 'vanity URL' later.

Is your page a real organisation, school or government? If you click Yes, you get another question.

It says: Will your page be the authorised and official representation of this organisation, school or government on Facebook?

This is legally binding. So make sure you are the official representative of your business! Don't go setting up a business page for your employer without their permission.

If you are authorised, click Yes.

Then you move on to the next section.

You will need a photo or image on your computer that best describes your business. This profile picture will need to measures 180x180px. You can also import it from your website. Or you can skip this until you have a suitable picture.

Next you are asked if you want to add your new business Page to your list of Favourites. This puts a shortcut into the left hand sidebar of your personal profile. You can skip this.

Naturally, Facebook will then encourage you to take out an ad to reach more people. You can and should skip this.

Yay! You have now finished the process to create a Facebook business page.

This is a helpful video that talks you through how to create a Facebook business page.

Create a Facebook Business Page - fill out every field that asks for information!

Now you need to complete all your information. Make your page somewhere that tells people what you are all about.


create facebook page 2014 create facebook page 2014

You will need a cover image measuring 851x315px to go across the top of the page. You are allowed to include contact details or a call to action or a sale announcement here.

Now click on Edit Info or Update Info - see the screenshot below. Complete all the fields available. Work out what information you most want to impart to your new fans. Then bring this together in a pithy 'About' paragraph. This should be added to either the Short Description or the Long Description in your information section.

Find out how to fill out the About sections in the updated layout here.

If you would like to find out more about running an effective Facebook page, call us on 01702 476517

Create a Facebook Business Page and tell the world about it

Now you want to start growing your likes. You can start with the friends on your personal profile.

Make a status update there that tells your existing friends from your personal life all about your new page. Encourage them to like it. It's also a good idea to actually connect your personal profile to your business page so that your friends can see it listed in your About information at the top of the left hand column on your new timeline.

Make sure you link to the new business page and not to a page which has just a suitcase on it. So, once you've made the link on your personal profile, hover over it to check it goes to the right page.

If you want to remain anonymous on your business page, do not do this.

Prepare some status updates for the next week. These should be exciting or thought provoking statements or images. If you have a blog, you can link it to your Facebook page so that any posts you publish there will automatically appear on your Facebook wall.

Find out more about using Facebook for business in the UK.


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