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Customer Service Through Social Media - Aviva Pass The Test

by Jo Shaer, on September 14, 2011

"twitter"I was a little disgruntled on Sunday.

I had received a letter about my car insurance renewal and Aviva were offering an extra £20 discount if I renewed through my online account.

But the account just would not let me in - even though I knew I had the right password. So I tried changing the password and, despite confirmation emails from Aviva that it had been accepted and I could now log in - I could not. It just kept 'not recognising' my password.

Eventually, I followed the online instructions for problems and I called them to explain the situation. I was told that I could renew over the telephone and Aviva would honour the promised £20 discount since I could not log in. This done, I was told that I should wait 30 minutes and then try to log in again as sometimes it takes a while for the password to reset. But, even with yet another confirmation that my password had successfully been changed and I could click the link to log in, I still could not.

Ever the social media buff, I vented my displeasure on Twitter under the hashtag Aviva.

aviva customer service on Twitter

The following morning, I noticed that I was being followed by Aviva and there was a mention of me by them asking if I had solved my log in problem.

When I responded that I had not, I was asked to direct message them with my policy number, date of birth, postcode and email address, which I duly provided.

Going into my email some time later, I discovered that they had reset my password and access was now possible.

As I replied to them later, it was a good social media catch and my problem was dealt with speedily and efficiently.

British business owners are often confused about the ways that social media can be used for business but this is a fabulous example of customer service through social media. You can put things right in full view of the general public. There's nowhere to hide and a company can really impress if they do it well.

Whilst it doesn't excuse the original problems, what better way to turn a situation around and gain kudos from what was originally an error?

Because now it is the satisfactory resolution that I remember, not the original frustration.

Well Done Aviva!

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