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Delete Facebook Page Updated for 2014

by Jo Shaer, on September 16, 2014

It can sometimes happen that you need to delete a Facebook page. There may be a duplicate or, perhaps, you don't run that business any more.


Delete Facebook Page

If you don't run the business any more, you could just make the new owner an admin and hand it over. Or you could delete the page as shown in the image above by going to Settings and then scrolling down the General tab to the option to Delete the page at the bottom.

Click edit and you will see a link to the page in question. Follow the instructions that appear once you have clicked the link.

delete facebook page delete facebook page
Note what it says about you having 14 days to change your mind!

In the case of duplicates, it can make life very difficult if that is the Page that Facebook insists on showing as a search result when people are looking for your page.

If you have administrative control of it, you have the option to merge the two Facebook pages together - which can be a little worrying when you are trying to merge a small page into a much more popular one without losing all the fans.

If the smaller page really does have only a few fans, then it might be a less stressful and better option to either unpublish/suspend or delete the page as detailed above. Just make sure that you are deleting the right page with the least number of fans/likes.

Unpublish or Suspend a Facebook page

At the top of the page is the section on Page Visibility. If you edit this section, your page can be set to unpublished so that only Admins can see it. This can become a bit confusing as the admins will still be able to see two pages but the page itself, and any changes made to it, will not be public.

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