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Do I need a Business Blog?

by Jo Shaer, on January 14, 2012

Business blogs are important.

They give a business website the chance to show Activity and Changing Content as well as upping the number of pages that it is possible to link to - Backlinks. Google's algorithm is based on that A, B, C.

If you have a blog, you can target your keywords in posts there, as well as on your main pages.

Alexa ranking definitely goes up as a result of consistent posting, although that will only take you so far. Does it have a bearing on your ranking on the search engines? Hard to say. Google have said several times that Page Rank and keyword metadata are not part of their algorithm but you only have to look at the snippets shown on the results pages to know that they definitely use the description metadata for a page.

If you have the right combination of comments/likes, regular unique content and a good number of backlinks from quality sites, your blog posts can show up on the search results pages alongside your website pages, giving you several positions on the front page – who doesn’t want to push out the competition?

Having said that Google (and Bing) has also factored in social search so, if you’re logged into your social media platforms, your search results page will start to contain links to recommendations or mentions of that keyword by your social media connections These references will be ranked higher than more relevant pages information-wise because the search engines believe that we want to see recommendations from our friends. Be careful who you connect with on social media as their likes and dislikes will be influencing the results that you see in the future, whether you agree with their point of view in real life or not.

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