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Do You Have No Mo Phobia? Where is Your Mobile Phone?

by Jo Shaer, on July 14, 2012

do you have nomophobiaOf a thousand people surveyed by UK mobile security service provider SecurEnvoy, 66% feared losing or not having their mobile phone or not being within reach of a mobile phone mast so they could receive optimal reception.

According to a recent study by the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and publicised by Mashable, mobile phones are so habit forming that many of us check them up to 34 times per day.

And at 70% vs 61%, it's us ladies who are the more fearful of being without. In fact a great infographic on the subject showed that 55% of women would rather leave home without their make up than their phone. However, another study revealed that men are also more likely to have two mobile devices!

Generationally, it's those under 24 who are most likely to be affected at 77%, closely followed by 25-34 year olds at 68%. But the big surprise was that it was the over 55s who came in third.

But funniest of all was the statistic that 11% of Americans with smartphones would rather leave home without their trousers than their cellphone.

Go figure!

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