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Do You Offer A Service To Help Grow Likes On Facebook Pages

by Jo Shaer, on June 14, 2012

We have had a couple of messages on our Facebook Page recently about whether we offer a service to help grow likes on Facebook.

The answer is that, yes we do. But it does need to be set it up on a proper business page though. Far too many businesses are using personal profiles as feeder accounts because they have worked out that it is much easier to get more friends when you can communicate with them directly on your profile and also make comments on their personal profiles.

Facebook Business Pages do not have that functionality. There is no way to communicate directly with your fans other than through your wall. Your fans can message you privately and you can respond to those but you cannot initiate. Businesses are also unable to comment or put status updates on their fans' personal profiles.

However, in their favour, they are able to access the mechanisms Facebook has in place for growing a fan base - Facebook ads, offers, tabs, etc. - which personal profiles cannot.

Social Media Managers around the world have been getting cross about this 'cheat' for many months but, at last, Facebook are getting stricter and starting to enforce the rules. I was reading recently about a personal profile who were warned about their activities and then restricted in their ability to make additional friends.

Personally, I think Facebook needs to do more than warn and restrict when it is obvious that a business is operating as a personal profile - the clue, after all, is in the 'personal profile' part and some businesses are deliberately misusing the platform for financial gain.

Should you be looking to grow your fanbase on Facebook?

But, going back to growing likes on Facebook, the question I would always ask is whether or not you are sure that you actually want to use Facebook as your main method of marketing?

The thing you need to remember is that people who are ready to buy go to Google, whereas people go to Facebook to socialise and need to be persuaded that they want to buy.

In some niches, it is absolutely the right course of action and you can see this from the large amounts of engagement and interaction on pages about a variety of hobbies. To have a page about one of those hobbies and then be able to market accessories which relate to that pursuit is a great strategy.

It is easy to grow likes through competitions and Facebook ads because people want to be there and they want to get involved. They want to chew the fat about the highs and lows, the difficulties and the solutions to a variety of related problems or to shout about successes they have had.

It's easy to offer promotional discounts to encourage purchases from people who are socialising but will have a mind to buy if the right product is placed before them.

When increasing the size of a fan base on Facebook can be difficult

However, some niches are just not that sexy and people don't get so enthusiastic about them. Whilst still more are very much appreciated but not the sort of thing you want to shout about using on Facebook.

Building and increasing likes for these pages can be problematic, especially if you offer a prize that will draw in traffic but is unrelated to the niche. People come for the prize but don't stay for the content giving you an Edgerank problem because you have built a larger number of followers but no one is engaging or interacting with your wall any more.

You need to work out which category your product or service falls into and you need to make sure that you market to the niche not the general population.

So, it all really depends on what you are trying to achieve - and sometimes it's better to run a strategy that has Facebook backing up a properly optimised website.

If you're looking to build up the audience for your Facebook Page, give us a call on 01702 476517.

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