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Don't Put All Your Business Eggs In One Facebook Basket

by Jo Shaer, on June 30, 2014

dont put all your business marketing eggs in one facebook basketIt's been a bad week for the Lollies when it comes to Facebook.

First up, they decided to tell everyone that our website might be unsafe. Yup, even though we have proved ourself to My Web of Trust, Norton, McAfee and AVG Trusted websites, Facebook doesn't believe them.

So, every time we try to add a link to one of our blog posts, we are given a message about the link possibly being unsafe. Added to this is a captcha that is so difficult to read, it pretty much makes you abandon the idea of posting it.

I have filled out a report complaining to Facebook every time. But no response.

If I do manage to get the link up there, if anyone clicks on it, they are told that the website may be unsafe. And given the option to mark it as SPAM or not spam in very small writing.

So why have Facebook come to this decision? Well, I regularly post links to the helpful blog posts on my site on my personal page and my business page - as I have a perfect right to do. I have never received negative feedback on my business page.

If I see a friend who is struggling to sort out a problem and I have a blog post with the answer, I post the link.

hide from facebook pageHowever, Facebook also now give people the choice to say whether they want to see certain things in their newsfeed or on their pages.

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They can hide things from their timeline or say that they do not want to see content from this source.

make facebook newsfeed betterThey have even started asking people to rate a series of posts so they can get a better idea of what their users want to see. Make News Feed Better.

This means that anyone can start to affect how Facebook perceive your content, including your competitors who have liked your page or are friends on a personal level.

It also means that I am no longer able to run ads to my website - well, not unless I want to pay Facebook to tell my readers that my site might be spam!

Yes, there are ways that I can get around it - I teach Facebook so I know that sending people to my website via ads is not always the most cost-effective move. But our relationship has soured beyond the point of no return.

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Next up, the Facebook ads voucher that they awarded me for completing a questionnaire. Guess what, folks, it is only valid for three months from the day it was awarded, not even from the day you uploaded it to your account.

Don't remember them drawing that to my attention at the time. £45 left sitting in my account whilst I tried to sort out the spam issue and now no longer available. And no way of asking them to sort it out.


change facebook ad account currency
And finally, there was a problem for one of my clients. She had run a couple of very successful Facebook advertising campaigns a few months previously. And she wanted me to set up some more.

However, Facebook had put a notification on her page that her ad account was in the wrong currency and encouraged her to change it.

She did.

Now her ad account is closed with no obvious way of reactivating it.

She can set up a new account but she has lost access to the original ads and the data relating to their success.

If nothing else, these two incidents highlight in a very painful way why it is not a good idea to rely solely on Facebook for your business marketing.

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Spread yourself out and promote your business on a variety of platforms.

Use your organic SEO potential in conjunction with offline marketing, as well as exposure on all the main social media platforms. And then use Facebook ads.

Just don't put all your marketing eggs in the one basket - or it could come back and bite you on the bum!

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