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Email From Nominet About WHOIS Showing Personal Address

by Jo Shaer, on December 17, 2013

nominet and whois emailsJo, I've had this email from Nominet about showing my personal address on the internet but I don't know what to do with it.

When did you get it?

About six months ago?


I had actually only checked the details of her domain registration that morning so I knew that her personal address was showing on the internet for anyone who did a similar search.

When she forwarded me the email from Nominet, I was able to understand what had happened.

Nominet and WHOIS emails

When she had originally purchased her domain, she had elected to opt out of WhoIs registration.

WhoIs is where domain registrants have to enter their contact details so that everyone knows who they are dealing with commercially.

You can only opt out if you are an individual who is using the domain name for a purpose unconnected with any business, trade or profession. This includes any monetisation purpose like earning from pay per click advertising.
Learn more about Nominet's WHOIS policy.

Nominet, the governing body who monitor all .uk domain names had now noticed this. And sent her an email explaining her mistake.

They were advising her that they had told her registrar. And, if she didn't go in and change the listing herself, then the registrar would remove the opt out.

Opting In or Out when you purchase a domain

When you purchase a domain, you have the option to opt in or opt out of WHOIS.

However, if you are a sole trader or a limited company, you must opt in and show your contact information.

If you are buying the domain as a private individual and the domain will be used as a private blog without any commercial or monetisation intent, you may opt out. This means that your personal details will not be shown to anyone trying to find out who owns the domain.

If your or or domain is registered to someone else, you can get it transferred using Nominet.

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