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End Of Yahoo Pipes Is Nigh!

by Jo Shaer, on June 7, 2015

Really sad to hear about the impending demise of Yahoo Pipes.

A visit to their site shows that no new pipes can be created and those that are already in existence will disappear at the end of September 2015.

So far I have not found a suitable substitute that allows me to fulfil the same job with the RSS feeds that I use to publish to some of my sites.

ChimpFeedr allows you to mash up RSS Feeds. BUT it doesn't allow you to categorise them.

For example, for I have created a Yahoo Pipe that mashes up three feeds but only takes the social media category from each. It's a site that is about social media so I don't want to be posting content that is about SEO or PPC.

The Pipe allows me to auto-select the content that I want to publish there. ChimpFeedr will only allow me to post all the content that comes from those three RSS feeds, thus publishing a lot of irrelevant posts for that website.

I have looked on IFTTT but, again, there are RSS feed options but no categories.

I have tried playing around with the RSS Feed URLs to see if I can force them to self-select just the social media categories. This was suggested elsewhere on the web

However, even using various permutations of this code, I can't get it to work.

Anyone else got any ideas?

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