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Facebook Activity Log - How To See Your Scheduled Posts And Other Actions

by Jo Shaer, on July 22, 2013

facebook activity log facebook activity log
Jo, How can I see what posts I've scheduled for the next few days? They're posting too close together

All your scheduled posts are listed in your Facebook Activity Log. Currently this function is only available for Facebook Business Pages.

The Activity Log can be located through the drop down menu beside Edit Page. This is at the top of your dashboard. Use Activity Log is the fourth option.

Click that and your Facebook Activity Log will be revealed.

scheduled posts on facebook activity log scheduled posts on facebook activity log

To the left, you will see various options which will allow you to sort or search for what is in your Activity Log on Facebook. This seems to apply to the Recent Activity Log, which is underneath the list of scheduled posts.

Change the date or time of your scheduled posts in Facebook Activity Log

If you hover to the right of your status update, a small downward arrow will appear. Click on that and you will see the option to Change Time, Publish Now or Delete Post. The latter are obvious. Click on Change Time and a new date and time drop down will appear. This allows you to set a new date or time if you have scheduled them too close together. Press Reschedule and, when you refresh, the post will move to its new position in the order of posts.

Below the Scheduled Posts, you will find a record of your most recent activity on Facebook going backwards in time as you move down the page.

What is the Facebook Activity Log for?

Facebook tells us that your activity log includes all your stories, organised by the date they happened on Facebook. So, if you add a life event to your timeline, it will show up in your activity log on the day you added it, not on the day of the event itself.

The Activity Log will also tell you how many likes, comments, shares or location details - there are icons next to each post and if you hover over these, you will see a summary of the information. If you click it, you will see any details like what the comments were. However, it does not tell you the names of who commented.

You can also use the Activity Log to control what appears on your timeline.

If you want to hide or remove a story, locate it in your Activity log. Click on the pencil next to it to see the option for hide or delete. Always remember that even though you have chosen to HIDE a story from your timeline, it may still be seen by those it has been shared with and also it CAN BE SEEN in the News Feed or search. If you are not sure, then delete, delete, delete.


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