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Facebook Advertising Infographic

by Jo Shaer, on April 11, 2012

facebook ads infographicThis Facebook Advertising Infographic and the accompanying report make for interesting reading.

What particularly caught my eye was the section on third party Facebook advertising management. Following my post on Facebook Scams in the UK which told of my brush with an agency purporting to be Facebook, it was interesting to see that there are actually Facebook Ad Managers, who will be made available to you if you are in the habit of spending $10k per month on Facebook ads.

Working with these advisors could save you up to $0.05 per click and result in an increasd CTR of 0.05% as opposed to 0.04% for those without the rep.

70% of those who responded to Social Fresh's 2012 Facebook Advertising Report ran their own campaigns and did not use an agency. However, of the 30% who did, 31% were working with a digital agency and 21% with a social media agency.

It was also interesting to see in the report that 85% of respondents do not use ad management software, which meant they are unable to effectively measure their ROI and it may make sense to engage an Facebook Ads API partner.

Naturally it was representatives of Facebook Ads API partners and management software who were advising that the process of running a campaign and measuring ROI might be easier if use was made of their services.

In the infographic itself, the fact that 70% of Facebook ads pointed to applications on Facebook shows that people do understand the relevance of keeping it in-house to get the best CPC.

And the 61% who used Facebook advertising to promote brand awareness confirms what marketers have started to point out - that growing the fan base, rather than having the focus on acquiring the emails of targeted potential customers could equate to less proficient use of the opportunities offered by Facebook. See post on the effectiveness of the new Facebook Timeline for business.

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