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Facebook Change Business Profile Pic Size and Position

by Jo Shaer, on April 27, 2012

Facebook change Business Profile picture size and positionAs predicted by Social Media Examiner last week, yesterday Facebook decided to realign their Business Pages with the image layouts on their Personal Profiles and change both the size and the position.

From 180x180px, the squares are now 160x160px and, instead of sitting half in and half out of the cover image, they are now positioned 210px down from the top of the page and 23px in from the left. This equates to two-thirds into the cover image with one-third poking down below.

This might not seem such a big thing - unless you have had a customised cover image designed to ensure that the profile pic does not obscure any of your image.

As you can see my lovely cover image now is now missing the legs of the Reddit character.

For small businesses, this is a disaster because it means they have to pay out again for new graphics - less than a month after they did it to accommodate Facebook's previous redesign.

And it's not much fun for designers either since many will only just have completed cover image designs and are left in the invidious position of having to explain the new changes to their disgruntled customers. There are two alternatives - either the customer pays again or the designer works for free.

Come on, Mark Zuckerberg, we are not the big brands who are made of money - and, sadly, that's an amount which will have to come out of the advertising budget that I might have spent on Facebook ads.

So, those businesses who did not immediately jump in to follow Facebook's rules now find themselves at an advantage but should we all, in future, wait before implementing any changes. And, if so, for how long...?

The words 'shoot self in foot' spring to mind - in amongst the other unrepeatable expletives.

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