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Facebook Engagement

by Jo Shaer, on April 25, 2011

"facebook"Statistics have shown that up to 90% of fans never return to the page once they have clicked the ‘like’ button because they can see what’s happening through the newsfeed.

Increase your visibility and engagement in the news feed of your fans by ensuring that FB’s algorithm puts your post into that newsfeed at a time when your fans are actually online.

Experts always suggest posting before noon to get your piece into the part of the feed that will be read whilst people are on their lunchbreak or later in the evening when they have come home from work. You should split test this to get a feel for when your fans are most likely to be online most – and when they are most likely to engage with the content.

However, posts should only be made once or twice a day to start with as over-posting can turn people off and make them switch off your access to their newsfeed. As engagement increases, you can do more but small is good to start with.

Importing your tweets to your FB wall is a very bad idea if you are a prolific tweeter as it can hurt your Edge Rank – the algorithm used to get your content into the newsfeed.

  • Questions are good - People like to engage by providing answers or enjoy being educated/informed.
  • Relevance is key - subject matter and locale. It's ok to go off at a slight tangent but try to stay on point.
  • A mixture of your content and other people’s by sharing and liking.
  • Be personal - remember names and back stories. Always sign off with your name if you are interacting as your Page.
  • People love photos and videos - make sure you tag and keyword them.
  • Links to other people’s content is also good - Use the @ to give credit.

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