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Facebook - How To Use The New Photo Strip

by Jo Shaer, on March 31, 2011

This post is now out of date due to Facebook changes. Click on the link to find out more about using Facebook for your business

The photo strips along the top of a Facebook Page now allow you to have pop up images on your page - it pops up like a lightbox with the picture on a black background.

Make use of this valuable real estate by getting some custom images made using a call to action like click here, free download, find out more, etc.

The images should be 970 x 680px with some white space around the edges and when you upload these to FB, it will shrink them down to 97 x 68px.

I made the mistake of doing mine at 90 x 60 (when they first changed) so they remain tiny when the light box picks them up. I also neglected to tell people what to do on them so I shall be changing those very soon.

Once you have uploaded the graphics, they will then then appear along the top of your wall and when your fans follow the instructions on the graphic and click on the link, it pops up with your carefully written description below it - make sure the wording includes a link back to a good page on either your website or facebook page.

You should remember that this feature only applies to the last five images that you uploaded and they do not remain in the same order, FB randomly changes them all the time.

The photo strip on personal pages is made up of the last five images in which you were tagged by your friends. If you want to hide any of the more embarrassing or incriminating evidence, just hover your mouse over the picture and click the 'x' button. It won't erase it from their photo album but it will mean that you won't have to look at it until it is replaced by the next image that tags you.

If you would like to know more about how to use Facebook to promote your business, call us on 01702 476517

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