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Facebook Interest Lists

by Jo Shaer, on November 19, 2013

Facebook Interest Lists are a great way of organising the pages that provide you with valuable information on a particular subject.

Add Pages You Have Liked To Facebook Interest Lists

Add Facebook Interest list Add Facebook Interest list

Name and Privacy for Facebook interest lists Name and Privacy for Facebook interest lists
Next, click 'Create List'. Now search through the list of your friends and/or Pages you have already liked and want to add to your list.

Once you have finished adding to your list, give it a name. Then choose the privacy setting. If you opt for Public, other people can see your list and subscribe to it.

If you opt for Friends - only your friends can see it and subscribe to it.

Or you can opt for Only Me which means that it is Private and only you can see the list and its contents.

Adding a page to an interest list does not mean that you have to like it.

Create a Facebook Interest List for your networking group

Facebook Interest Lists can be a godsend if you belong to a networking group.

You can add the business pages of all the businesses in your group to the Interest List. This allows you to see all their latest updates in one place.

So you can like, comment and share lots of pieces of content in one go. No more trawling through your main news feed to try to find them.

The other alternative is to make sure that you Get Notifications from all those pages. But that can make for a very large number of notifications to sift through.

So, Facebook Interest Lists is a valuable tool for organising updates from pages that are important to you.

But how do you use it.

Well, first you need to know the names of the business pages.

Facebook interest lists Facebook interest lists
Either search for them by name. Or use their custom url http://www.facebook.com/LollipopLocalSMO.

Once you're on the page, you have a choice as to whether you want to like it or not. Having said that, if you are part of a networking group, it will boost their fan base if you do.

Then click the cog to the right of the Like Button.

Add to interest lists on facebook Add to interest lists on facebook

A drop down menu will reveal the option to Add to Interest Lists. Click.

Another drop down will offer a list of existing Facebook Interest Lists. Plus the option to add a new one.

Select the one you want from the list or create a new one. This adds the page that you are on to that list.

Go to your Interest lists by scrolling down the left hand sidebar on your home page. Click on the Interest list you want to view. You will see a feed of the posts and activity from the people and Pages on that list.

All the business pages from the networking group in one place. And if it is set to public, I can share it with all the other members in my group.

They can subscribe to the list so we can all see what's happening. We can all like, share and comment on each other's pages really easily.

I can keep the main list up to date as new people join or remove anyone who leaves. The group always has an up to date list of members' Pages.

How do I share an Interest List with my Facebook friends?

Click Home > Interests > More and click on the name of the list.

Click Share at the top of the page.

Or you can send people a link.

If you click on your Interest list, go to the top of the page and copy the URL for that list. Then send this to the people you want to give access to. It will look something like this https://www.facebook.com/lists/10151825995108

Subscribing to Facebook Interest Lists

If an interest list has been set to public other people can subscribe to that Interest list.

You'll see a feed of the posts and activity from the people and Pages on that list. You may also see highlights from this list in your main news feed.

Find out more about subscribing

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