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Facebook Marketing Does Not Work - Biggest Facebook User Mistakes

by Jo Shaer, on May 24, 2012

facebook marketingAccording to Amy Porterfield, the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, there are a dozen mistakes that Facebook users habitually make and which can lead to the feeling that Facebook marketing does not work.

1. Profiles or Pages
It's not a case of either/or, you need to have a personal profile and a business page - although they must come from the same account as it is against Facebook's terms to have more than one login. You'll lose your friends if you market to them all the time so you need to have that page. You also need the page if you want to run Facebook ads or to create optin opportunities to build your list.

2. Consistent Posting
At the heart of good Facebook marketing is the production of shareable content. Concise posts get more attention than long status updates - Mari Smith suggests keeping the narrative to a minimum of 160 characters, just 20 longer than a tweet.

Ask questions, encourage conversation, suggest that they 'fill in the blank', people love to participate. All these will promote comments, likes and engagement.

But it's even better if you post images rather than words - you will get far more visibility and exposure.

Include a call to action in all your status updates - please share, click like, leave a comment. Stats show that there is 42% more engagement with action words.

Post at the same time every day and make sure you work out the right number of posts for your fanbase. The main reason that people unlike a page is too much posting.

3. Forgetting to Link Your Personal Profile
You can put where you work in the About section of your personal profile and you can link it to your Business Page. If people want to find out more about what you do, it's the obvious place to look and encourages them to move from there to your business page.

4. Lacking Connection
Many people miss two sections on the new Facebook timeline - hidden posts and the 'posts by others' part of the new timeline layout. Hidden posts are reported to be in the dashboard under Manage Audience > Use Activity Log > Spam section but today they are not working. To check whether there are any on particular posts, I have seen them signified by a . . . symbol.

Underneath the custom apps is a drop down menu which is defaulted to Highlights. Click that and see the 'posts by others' - and make sure you respond to them. Communication is the key to turning a fan into a customer. Never miss an opportunity to reach out and engage.

5. Not Linking To Your Website on your Business Page
In the About section you can add a clickable link and put a call to action. Make sure that you make it clear how people can do business with you.

For health/beauty category, you can put a code in the about section that people can use at the checkout to receive a discount.

For product/service, refer to something they need and then tell them to check out your latest product or service with a link to it.

For consulting/business services, put in something that is a world away from a dry list of what you do or, worse still, corporate speak. Tell them how you can solve their problem.

And make sure you include a clickable link - put the http:// bit in.

6. Missed Opportunities
The new timeline has made it possible for your fans to communicate with you in a private message. Make sure you enable the feature. You cannot instigate these messages but you definitely should respond to them.

7. Not Branding Your Page
Your cover image is your chance to really draw attention to your brand and engage your users with new imagery.

Don't just throw up your cover image, use it to stand out and highlight any awards you may have won or products you want to feature.

8. Lack of Strategy for Timeline
This is your chance to showcase new products, highlight successes for yourself and your clients. Tell people what is going on. Turn your timeline into the story of your business.

Use links in your status updates to send users to your custom apps where you are promoting events or content that contains an opt in feature.

9. Lacklustre Custom Apps
Wishywashy imagery on half-baked custom apps and not making the most of the opportunity they contain is criminal when they are so vital to your future success. The thumbnail design should tell people what is behind the app. Offer discounts and special offers when people sign up to your list.

10. Over Automation
Everyone can tell when content has been autoposted so get on there yourself and interact regularly. And, whilst Mari Smith disavowed the myth that Facebook penalises you in Edgerank for using third party apps, recently these have been appearing on your wall MINUS the share button.

You can improve your engagement score if you get into conversations with your status updates. You can't do that if you're autoposting and never visiting your page personally.

11. Ignoring Insights
Your insights are the stats that tell you what content is working. If you get good ratings, do some more of the same.

You can see your reach, your engaged users and the number of people talking about this. Most pages have an engagement score of around 2% so brands which do better than this are definitely doing something right.

Work out your engagement score by dividing your Facebook likes by the number of People Talking About This.

12. Not Using Facebook Ads
Amy advises that you should take a trial run and be patient, because practice makes perfect. She encourages you to get your fanbase up first and then run ads which makes me want to use a very unladylike expletive because isn't the goal of ads to increase your fanbase? And how many people you know who have actually clicked on an ad?

They're tricky to use but if you have the right product and can target down to those people who really need it, they can be very effective. Don't always try to target new customers. Existing fans who have bought once are already converts. Market to them with additional products.

So, there we have it, a brief run through of some things that will improve the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

If you understand your audience, you will learn the best way to market to them.

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