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Facebook Marketing Mistakes - No Links Or Communication

by Jo Shaer, on July 8, 2012

Amy Porterfield made a list of her 12 biggest Facebook User Mistakes

No Link to Your Business Page

In the About section of your personal profile, you can have a hyperlink to your Business Page to show where you are working now.

Forgetting To Link To Your Website On Your Facebook Business Page

This one is major and so many people forget. Again, it's in the About section and you can make a clickable link and a call to action to tell people how they can do business with you.

Amy suggested that for health/beauty products, you should put a code in about section - Use code imafan at checkout and receive 10% off! And then put a clickable link on about to get more details.

For a product/service, she cited her own page - Want to supercharge your Facebook marketing? Check out my latest training program - and then she included a hyperlink to her latest product.

For consulting/business services, try to stay away from industry jargon. Keep it simple and appeal to what your customer actually needs, not what you are selling with a link to a landing page that provides the answers.

No Connection

Below the custom apps is a drop down menu which is set to Highlights by default. If you click the 'Posts By Others' option, you can see what other people have said and then respond. This engagement will help to build a relationship with them that could end up turning them into a paying customer.

You should also make sure that you check for Hidden Posts as Facebook sometimes decides that some of your comments are spam - even from regular users.

Missing A Chance To Communicate

Facebook doesn't allow Pages to communicate directly on the personal profiles of their fans. But it has now put in place a feature which allows individuals to message the Page direct and the Page can and should respond. This feature is not set to on by default - it has to be enabled by deploying the button on the top right of the admin panel - a link will allow you to check the button to activate the feature. Just make sure you have someone ready to answer those questions.

Amy also suggested responding with a personal video or a screen capture. So much better than a text email.

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