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Facebook Newsfeed Updates 2015

by Jo Shaer, on May 6, 2015

They're at it again.

After the warnings earlier in the year about clickbait and promotional posts disappearing from the organic news feed, three new changes are about to start occurring. They say it is so that Facebook will show you the content that matters to you the most.

Facebook Newsfeed Updates 2015

1. Facebook is relaxing the rules around seeing multiple posts from the same source in a row.
According to Mari Smith, the new poster girl of Facebook, this means that users will no longer reach the end of their News Feed - they won’t run out of content now.

For businesses who have been reluctant to post too frequently to maximise their reach, this will no longer be an issue.

2. Users should start to see more posts in News Feed from friends that 'they care about' which they might have been missing before.
So, there won't be the same mix of friends and businesses. Facebook's algorithm will be favouring photos, videos, status updates and links shared by your friends. Forbess remind us that, if you enjoy interacting with Facebook Pages that you have 'liked', then you will still see that content. So, remember, if you want to see status updates from your favourite pages, you have to keep liking these when they do appear in your news feed. Better still, return to their actual Page regularly to interact and engage.

3. Facebook will start to hide stories about friends liking or commenting on posts or at least give them lower priority so they appear further down in the News Feed or not at all.

This will definitely have a negative effect for business pages. Whereas we always hoped that our fans would like our status updates so that these would appear, in turn, in their news feeds for their friends to see - this is not going to be a given in future.

Justin Wong advises doing what Facebook wants and taking out ads to promote your events, offers or best blog posts. He also suggests posting more often as this is a numbers game. So, whilst you may only reach 2% of your audience these days, you can make up for it by increasing the number of posts it is possible for them to see.

Mari Smith and The Verge also talk about Instant Articles in the shape of full news stories from media publishers on the platform, rather than having to tap a link to an external site.



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