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Facebook Other Inbox Becomes A Filter For Spam - Updated For 2016

by Jo Shaer, on January 26, 2016

Facebook other inboxAnother recent change to Facebook affects the Other Inbox which has now become a spam filter called Filtered Messages.

Most people are familiar with how to see that they have new private messages by clicking on the envelope in the blue navigation bar when it has a little red number next to it.

find facebook messagesBut many don't know that there is another inbox that contains what Facebook constitutes as spam - messages from people where there is no mutual connection. But how do you find those?

Click on your Messages tab on the left hand side of the Home page, you will now see these options - Recent, Message Requests and More

facebook message filter
Click on More and a dropdown menu will reveal the messages in your Inbox that have been

  • Unread - by you
  • Filtered - from people not mutually connected
  • Archived
  • Each will have a number of messages in brackets and it is quite alarming to discover how many messages go into that filter.

    Facebook Filtered Messages

    So, if you try to message someone on Facebook to whom you are not connected by a mutual friend, Facebook filters the message and stores it separately from your regular inbox.

    It's great because you find a lot of the messages from those strange people who try to chat you up on Facebook in there. When I checked today, one chap had sent me three over the course of 8 months. His most recent was imploring me not to ignore him! Maybe I should switch my profile visibility to a more private option.

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    What are Facebook Message Requests?|

    Message requests is the option between Recent and More in that first menu. It tells you when someone you might know has sent you a message. You'll see Message Requests at the top of your inbox when you've received one. When you open a message request, you can choose Ignore to hide the conversation, or choose Accept to move the conversation to your inbox.

    Messages from friends will go to your inbox and messages Facebook thinks are spam will be Filtered out of your Requests - so you should check Filtered regularly to ensure no friend requests that you actually want have gone in there by mistake.

    What happened to paying to put messages in people's main Inbox?

    At the end of 2012, Facebook began trialling an option where you could pay to have your message put into the inbox of people that you didn't know. This rolled out to everyone in the middle of 2013 with a minimum cost of 69p per message for normal people and considerably more if you wanted to message a celeb. However, this now seems to have disappeared

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