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How to Leave A Facebook Review - Don't Keep Good Service A Secret!

by Jo Shaer, on November 13, 2013

The Facebook Review tab is here to stay underneath the cover image at the top of the page for those businesses who have chosen the Local Business category

I was at my Women In Business Networking meeting today. I heard all the testimonials being spoken about the various businesses around the table. What a shame that only my fellow WIBN members could hear them!

When I stood up to do my minute, I encouraged all the ladies to go home and put them online.

Just log into your own Facebook profile and find the page of the business that you want to review.

Use the Facebook Review tab

If the tab at the top of the page is showing, you just click that and follow the instructions.

Use the Facebook Review box

If it's not there, you need to scroll down and look in the right hand sidebar. Is there a box with faded out stars showing there? See the image below for some more clues.

If yes, fill out how many stars you want to give the business. Then leave your comment.

I made a mistake in my Facebook Review - can I edit it?

You certainly can! Find out how to edit the stars and/or the wording here

Business owners!!! You should read this post on how to make the most of your Facebook Review box.

But, if there is no Facebook Review button and no Facebook Review box, all is not lost!

How to leave a review as a Facebook status update

If the page allows it, you can write something in the status update box at the top left of the business page.

This will then appear in the Recent Posts by Others box on the right hand side.

The business owner should then be able to highlight this testimonial so that it spreads across the page. That way, it works even better than a traditional Facebook Review - which stays small in that small box in the right hand sidebar. Here's another post to show you how to do that.

Maximise the power of those testimonials.

leave a Facebook Review or comment leave a Facebook Review or comment

Are you using Facebook for business effectively?

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