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GCSE English Results in 2012 - What Small Business Employers Need To Know

by Jo Shaer, on August 23, 2014

Lollipop Local are looking to employ an apprentice and we've just started looking through some of the resumes with a view to starting the interview process.

What we wanted was a minimum of Grade A at GCSE in English.

We had no idea just how hard it was going to be to get candidates who could meet this requirement and had started to become quite despondent.

In our business, it is critical that whoever is composing tweets or Facebook status updates or writing blog posts for either our business or our clients has good English skills.

And then I spoke to a friend who is a teacher.

GCSE English Results marked down in 2012

She told me about a problem in 2012 with English GCSE exam papers being marked down, resulting in claims by head teachers at the time that tens of thousands of teenagers had been affected.

The knock on is that in 2014 seems to be that there are fewer teenagers who can boast an A at GCSE English but also far fewer English A level candidates than previously.

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