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Google Goggles on iPhone

by Jo Shaer, on July 14, 2012

I have been informed that a photograph from one of my clients' websites has been reproduced without permission elsewhere but the person who told me couldn't remember the website.

So, when Working on the Go alerted me to the fact that Google Goggles could be used to search for similar images on the internet, I was intrigued.

Oh, and for those who are interested, no I haven't been able to retrieve the lost contacts after upgrading to OS5.

Finding Google Goggles on iPhone

Whilst it was not available as Google Goggles at the Apple store, it was part of the functionality of the iPhone Google Search app. I used the iPhone's camera to take a picture of the photograph as it displayed on my computer screen but, sadly, it was unable to locate anything useful in terms of places where it had been replicated - even though I now know the website address in question so I know it's out there.

It didn't recognise correctly the text that I copied either but, to be fair, it was a light day and from a computer screen so I might well have over ambitious expectations.

Doing further digging on the web, I found a Google Goggles iPhone app review that is more recent than the original promotional video on YouTube and in which he explains how to use the iPhone version.

It would seem that augmented reality is starting to become even more mainstream since you can photograph a famous landmark and Google will recognise it from its database and then tell you all about it... or just use an image of that landmark from the internet to achieve the same results if you are planning a trip there.

If only I had time to 'play' with my iPhone...

I would be happy to hear from anyone who has positive Google Goggles on iPhone experiences.

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