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Google Local - My Google Places Page Is Not Managed By My Google Plus GMail Address

by Jo Shaer, on February 14, 2013

Warning, current advice is not to do anything until Google Places has made the full transition from +Local to +Business Pages. I have not verified this listing.

I'm naturally a cautious person so I did not set up all my Google properties under one gmail address, despite being encouraged to do so, and this means that my Google Places page is not managed by my Google Plus gmail address.

So, I cannot 'manage the account' via the button displayed on the new Local page. I created a new Google Plus account on that gmail which will allow me to do so. However, I suspect that when Google do finally come to merge my pages together, this is going to cause them no end of problems.

I am left with no alternative but to try to claim the page using the Google Plus gmail address. I am encouraged that this is the way forward by the FAQs

Has the process for verification changed at all? When I click the “Manage this page” button along the right, it kicks me to my Google Places dashboard. What’s up with that?
Well, first, did you claim and verify that listing? Then it’s working as intended, kicking you to your Places dashboard from which you can manage your business’s details. Is that your business’s listing, and you’ve not yet claimed and verified the listing? Again, it’s working as intended, kicking you to your Places dashboard, from which you can select “Add another listing” (bottom right), do the phone number lookup for your business, and claim and verify the listing. Verification works same as it always has — request the PIN, wait for the postcard.

So that seems to answer my question.

If, when you're logged in to your google plus account and you click Manage Page, the dashboard which appears does not contain your business, then you need to claim and verify it again using the gmail account that is linked to your google plus account.

Now, I have weighed up the options:

1. Claim and Verify with the new gmail account and run the risk of a duplicate listing - but I know how to sort this out so it should not be a problem.

2. Leave it as it is and then have the Google Plus Local page connected with the account from which I do my reviewing. It doesn't sound so bad, except that I have all my authoriship authority with Google vested in the other gmail account and it takes forever to set that up and get it to populate.

I have selected the first option and am awaiting the postcard which could take up to two weeks to arrive. I just hope that, in the meantime, they do not remove my existing listing! Especially as, in the confirmation page, it gives a link which sends me to a page that says:

Reminder, you have removed your listing from Google Maps
You have a listing which is not showing in Google Maps but which will continue to display in your Google Places account.

I wonder if someone would be so kind as to check for me that my listing is still showing for Local SEO in Leigh on Sea... or even just for Lollipop Local in Leigh on Sea.

Ta muchly!

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