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Google Maps/My Business Listing Issues 2015

by Jo Shaer, on August 11, 2015

Further to our recent post on the Google Local Stack, we're getting regular calls from business owners about problems with their Google My Business local map listings.

It's vital for your Local SEO that you get your map listing - and all the data that feeds into it - correct.

  • Duplicate listings where the Name of the business is incorrect - causing confusion for Google and a lower or non-existant ranking for the town where the business is based.
  • Duplicate listings where the address of the business is not right - causing confusion for Google and customers.
  • Duplicate listings where the phone number is wrong - so customers cannot get in touch.
  • Duplicate listings where happy customers have left some reviews on one and some on other - they want one listing with all their reviews to show how great they are.
  • Verified listings which show the pin marker on Google Maps in the wrong place - sending their customers to a location that does not exist in another town.
  • The business owner does not have/cannot get access to the map listing because it was set up by a previous SEO company/employee - this one is becoming more and more common
  • The business has been set up as a Storefront when it is actually run from a private home so Google won't show it.
  • The business Name has had lots of spammy keywords added to it so Google won't show it.
  • The business owner has set up more than one listing with different Names but the same Address and Phone number so Google won't show any of them.

It is getting easier to rectify these issues but you still have to know what you are doing. And your back story across the internet needs to confirm the changes that you want to make.

Mandy from Verve Fitted Bedrooms in Rettendon, near Chelmsford, came to us with almost all of those problems spread across the FIVE duplicate listings that existed for her business. She was aware of three of them but we managed to find her a couple more!

Her most pressing issue was that she had four reviews and these had been split between two listings which showed the correct Name, Address and Phone Number but only one had the map marker in the right place. The second had positioned her on Main Road in South Woodham Ferrers rather than Main Road in Rettendon.

She wanted the second, incorrect listing to disappear but she didn't want to lose her reviews.

And she wanted all the other duplicates to go away as well.

It took a couple of hours to establish the exact nature of the problem and then a couple hours more to rectify it, including some phone calls with Google Help at midnight and some editing of Google Maps and Google MapMaker but, eventually, we were able to achieve her desired result.

Here's what Mandy had to say:

Google Places/Maps testimonial from Verve

If you're struggling with your Google Maps/Plus/My Business listing, give us a call.

We charge £168+VAT to investigate and find out the cause of your problem and £84+VAT/hour for the time it takes to resolve your issue.

Click below to get in touch - tell us your problem and we will get back to you.

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