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Selling Google Places SEO in the UK

by Jo Shaer, on December 8, 2011

google-places-seo-ukThe problem is that business owners are scared of people selling Google Places SEO in the UK.

They've had other SEO salesmen on the phone and received numerous marketing emails all badgering them with technical jargon and ambitious promises in return for varying sums of money every month.

And that's just the scammers. Even your average SEO salesman will instantly jump in and try to push the business owner into various SEO packages, but the problem is trust. If you've only just met them, how can you have built a relationship with them that will make them want to buy from you?

How should we be selling Google Places SEO in the UK?

So, a far more effective conversation with someone you don't know would be to show them what they're missing... but, more than that, to show them what their competitors are getting.

There are normally hundreds of people every month looking for the various keywords that relate to a particular niche on Google... but are they able to find the customer's website on the results page that they get?

So, Gordon, what do you do?

I'm in insurance

Well actually one of my areas of expertise is developing online marketing systems and I found it really intriguing that there are literally hundreds of people looking for insurance services online every month, sometimes every day. So I'm curious, do you have an online presence where these people could actually find you?

Well, yes, we have a website that cost us quite a bit of money to build.

So, your website? Do all those leads go directly to you?

Well, yes, they all phone us - but I couldn't tell you how many there are.

What a lot of people don't realise is that there are specific words that potential customers type into Google which mean that they are ready to buy insurance right now. So Gordon, I'm going to put together a report for you to see what terms those people are typing in and then I'll let you see how your Google Places page and website are actually ranking for those words.

If you're not ranking well, then the report will also show you who's getting all your business so you can see whose phone is really ringing.

Because statistically if there are hundreds of people looking for your products every month, the websites that are in the top three spots on Google get over 50% of the business. Do you know if you are in the top two spots?

But we just have a website, I don't know what you mean by top three spots.

Well what do you think is a term that someone might type into Google when they're looking for insurance?

Well I guess life insurance

So what city are you in?

I'm in Birmingham.

So more than likely they would type in 'life insurance in Birmingham'. And if your website isn't at the top of the results page that Google produces for that search term, then you're missing out on 50% of that business and, worse, it's your competition that are getting that business.

I will put together a report for you so you can see where you're ranking. Would that be helpful?

Yes, of course!

In this conversation, the salesman was not selling anything or talking about SEO or backlinks or social media and the potential client was never given a chance to say 'no'. Even though he was waiting for the opportunity - it just never came. Everything that was done was to explain why the service would be a benefit and asking him to agree that he would get value from the information being given.

People like to get stuff that will help them... and they like to get stuff that will help them for free even better.

Customers need to have that understanding crystallised - that there are large numbers of people searching for their product or service but that those customers are not finding their website.

And then they need to be made aware that all this potential business is going to a competitor who does not necessarily provide such a good service - just because the website of that business has done the correct things in terms of SEO.

It's the location as a geo modifier to the original search term which makes the difference and that's why Google Places SEO in the UK is different from regular SEO.

If you can optimise your Google Places Page properly and you have a website that has proved to the search engines that it regularly provides updated relevant quality content, then you stand a good chance of getting onto the front page of Google twice for location-based search terms. That's once in the regular organics and then again in the seven pack of Google Places - providing the search term triggers it.

Instead of becoming fixated with technical jargon, if you can get these simple benefits across to business owners, then selling Google Places SEO in the UK should become much easier.

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