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Google Places UK - Dashboard Update...?

by Jo Shaer, on October 29, 2011

Well, after my exchanges with Nyagoslav at Optilocal and Phil at Local Visibility- Grey pins about the grey balloon markers, this morning I noticed a brand new dashboard for local businesses listing with Google Places UK.

google places uk dasboard

The most obvious thing from my point of view is the categories bar - no longer separated into five boxes but one long bar with the suggestions from Google now appearing when you hold your mouse over the words. And, looking at my list without any editing, there seem to be eight categories listed - although three of them are web/website designer - even though I only ever had five in the previous listing that I completed.

new google places uk dashboard 2

And there is a check box to ask for an email when this listing is being reviewed or if any more information is needed.

Curiously, on the right hand side there is an option to 'edit this listing in Google Places' which takes you back to the regular page.

I edited the new page with some changes to my categories and the result said Thank you. Your edits have been saved and will be published after review.

Looking forward to seeing what this means for Google Places UK but it looks like a step in the right direction.

UPDATE: Turns out this is the new Community Edit feature. On the Google Places page, if you click 'Edit This Place', it takes you through to this new Page with the option to edit the listing. It would appear that anyone can now make a change to your listing, although Google have said that they will email business owners to alert them that changes have been suggested.

To the right hand side it asks 'Edit This Business in Google Places' with the link. If you are logged in as the Business Owner, it takes you through to your regular Google Places dashboard, If you are not logged in as the Business Owner, you get the message 'This Listing Is Unavailable - You may only access listings that you own.'

So far I have not received an email from Google telling me that changes have been made to the page though.

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