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Google Places UK - February Problems

by Jo Shaer, on March 1, 2012

google places february problemsAfter my post about Google Places Help a few weeks ago, I took the plunge, suspended the correct but invisible listing and amended the visible but incorrect one.

Within days, I got emails from Google Places saying that the listing was about to be updated and it was not long before the rogue phone number issue had been sorted - at the cost of my pictures and some time spent re-establishing the correct categories - but without losing my reviews.

Everything in the garden was rosy again.

Google Places UK - February Problems

Until this week when, out of nowhere, the old listing REAPPEARED! Even though it is showing correctly in the dashboard listing, the phone numbers showing on the client's Google Places page are those of a private individual, not the client.

Again, we have reported this in the community edit AND reported a problem but without any response.

I have checked our citations and can only find the incorrect listing on a minor niche-specific directory so I can only assume this is because there has been some kind of roll back involved with major changes at Google Places UK.

It's not just my client, poor Lollipop Local has suffered from the Google Places problems in February as well. All my lovely reviews have disappeared from my Google Places Page.

But I am not too worried. Invariably what happens is that these reappear after a few weeks when Google Places has finished shaking itself up - as is confirmed by Phil Rozek in the US on Local Visibility System

In addition, we also seem to have lost our ability to make short posts 'from the owner'. There used to be a box at the top right of the dashboard that allowed you to add in up to the minute news and offers without actually physically using the 'offer' facility. Which is very irritating when you have existing offers that are no longer valid.

Anyone spotted anything else? There's clearly something going on over at Google Places UK so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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