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HATOM Structured Data Error In Webmaster Tools

by Jo Shaer, on March 1, 2014

[question ask="Was just checking Webmaster Tools and we seem to have some kind of HATOM mark up error on 711 entries since 10 January. Looks like they are all blog posts."][/question]

hatom structured data errors in webmaster toolsOk... I must admit I didn't really have a clue what hatom, microformats, etc. were so it was off to my web developer, Mathew.

He said:

"I did a bit of research into this and it looks like these errors aren't that critical to your Google reputation - they're only warnings, really. (There must be thousands of sites that generate this kind of thing, as the fix is a bit obscure). However, the fix is also pretty simple and it's nice to get a totally clean sheet, so I've updated a couple of the theme files & the rich snippet tool now comes up perfect for every page on the site.

The main webmaster tools dashboard isn't updated yet, so it still shows all the errors. I'm presuming that next time Google crawls the site, all the errors will go. Let me know i that doesn't happen.

Fix for HATOM Structured Data Error In Webmaster Tools

Anyway, these are a couple of sites that mention the problem & how to fix it:

All that you really need to do is edit a couple of php files (not necessarily just simple.php, like these articles suggest - I had to edit another one too - it depends on how your theme is structured.

Like I said earlier, this is probably more of a dev's solution instead of a less techy site owner's, but at least it might help people identify how to fix these warnings, even if they have to get their favourite nerd to do it for them"

So, there you have it. If you go into Webmaster Tools and get a bit of a shock over all those HATOM warnings in your Structured Data, there is a fix.

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