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Help! I Can't Upload A Header Image To My LinkedIn Company Page

by Jo Shaer, on January 28, 2014

With all the changes to Lollipop Local over the last few weeks, we needed to upload an updated header image to our LinkedIn Company Page.

However, it was easier said than done.

I Can't upload a header image to my LinkedIn Company Page? Help me please...!

upload image to linkedin company pageI went to the Lollipop Local page and clicked Edit at the top right.

I selected Edit Page from the drop down menu.

Scrolling down the page, you come to the place where you can add a large image that goes across the page and which will act as a header to your Company page.

Underneath this space is the instruction to Add an image.

Now if you already have an image uploaded, there is also the instruction to Remove An Image. You should remember this fact and come back to it.

cant upload a header image to my linkedin company pageI just tried to add an image.

My developer had provided me with a header image.

  • It measured 646x222px which met LinkedIn's parameters that it needed to be in excess of 646x220px. NB This has changed and images should now be 1536 x 768
  • It was smaller than 2MB.
  • It was a JPG image and LinkedIn say that you can use JPG, GIF or PNG images.

However, when I chose the image from my computer, before I had even clicked upload, LinkedIn was telling me that the image was too tall.
It would not allow me to save it or publish it. I could only cancel and start a Groundhog Day style cycle of repetition.

After trying various options, I Googled 'cant upload a header image to my LinkedIn Company page' and, oh, what a lot of unhappy people there were. All of whom had not been successful at uploading their images to their Company page on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Customer Service reply very promptly and will help you if they can

I decided to contact LinkedIn and see if they could shed some light on the subject.

Samantha came back to me within a couple of hours - bearing in mind this was first thing in the morning and they are in the US, I was impressed. Facebook very rarely even acknowledge your messages - if you have a way to contact them at all.

She told me that she had been able to update the banner image for me. She said: "If you encounter this in the future try remove the current image and then upload the new image." She also confirmed that PNG images below 2MB are best.

Of course, I wanted to test this out for myself so I could tell you guys what to do in this circumstance.

So I went into my LinkedIn Company Page and clicked REMOVE THE IMAGE and pressed Publish at the top of the page.

Of course, the image went.

You can imagine my horror when, on clicking Add an image, a pop up appeared containing the image I had just got rid of with the familiar error message, this image is too tall.

And when I tried to upload a new one, I had the familiar issue of not being able to save it.

I went back to Samantha.

She said:

We've found that many times clearing cached pages and cookies from your browser can resolve multiple issues. Here's how to do this: . Please complete the instructions from the link above for each browser that you use. This should fix your problem. But if it doesn't, please let me know and we can continue to troubleshoot any additional causes.

I cleared my cache but to no avail.

Samantha suggested that I try another browser.

Same problem with Firefox with a cleared cache. I logged into LinkedIn and went to my Company page. Clicked Edit the page. The page seemed to have no images. I clicked Add image and the image that you had uploaded was showing. When I tried to upload a new version of the image, it just said too tall. I even tried uploading other images and got error messages that said the image was too wide or too small so it does change.

On Internet Explorer with a cleared cache before I started and a blank page and only the option to Add image. The pop up appeared with same the 'too tall' image loaded into it but it didn't show the too tall message. There was just a sort of blue blank. I should have taken a screenshot but I got too excited when I looked below the image.

The Save button was different. It looked clickable. I was able to just click Save and get the header (the png one that you had previously uploaded and I had removed) to save and publish.

Samantha then revealed that We recently made some changes so it is possible that you were experiencing something due to that.

So, if you're having trouble uploading images to your LinkedIn Company page, here is what you do.

  • Use a browser with a completely empty cache.
  • Make sure the image measures 1536 x 768px and is less than 2MB in size.
  • Make sure it is a PNG image.
  • If you are replacing an existing image, remove the old one first
  • If you still cannot get it to work, contact LinkedIn support and ask them if they will do it for you.

Do not remove the image unless you absolutely have to!!!

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