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Help! I've Got CAPS LOCK in reverse - SOLVED!

by Jo Shaer, on January 17, 2014

I don't know how I managed it but suddenly my CAPS LOCK went into reverse.

What is Caps Lock in reverse?

So, when I had pressed Caps Lock on, the light was on at the top right of the screen so everything should have been in capitals but all the letters were coming out in lower case.

If I switched Caps Lock off, the light went out BUT ALL THE LETTERS WERE IN UPPER CASE CAPITAL LETTERS.

I scoured the internet thinking I must have pressed some kind of short code.

What Is Caps Lock and have you switched it on by mistake

In most places they told me I was an idiot who didn't know about the Caps Lock button and had obviously got it switched on by mistake. As I said earlier, if you press the Caps Lock key, a light will illuminate at the top right of your keyboard so you know that it is on and all your letters SHOULD BE IN UPPER CASE.

Sticky keys

Or that I had activated the sticky keys feature - press the Shift key 5 times in quick succession to see the dashboard for sticky keys and determine that it is switched off.

Play around with Linux

Or do something in Linux! *Insert your own terrified smiley*

Do I need a new keyboard?

If that was not the case, then they said I needed to get a new keyboard.

They had totally misunderstood the problem. The keyboard was not broken.

Caps Lock had gone into reverse. And it had been activated by something I had done on the keyboard in the last few seconds.

Finally, I found an unusual answer here

The Microsoft Word answer

It said - open up a Microsoft Word document and type


Press carriage return

Microsoft will automatically correct it to read Thanks and your keyboard will return to normal.

They were right.

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