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Helping Women In Business Abroad - Plan W and The Athena Network Singapore

by Jo Shaer, on March 1, 2013

“Educate a boy, and you educate a man. Educate a girl and you educate a family.”
Adelaide Hoodless (1857-1910) - Canadian social activist and founder of the Women’s Institutes

Plan W is a US$10m strategy to empower two million women in Asia Pacific by 2017.

The aim is to reach women of all backgrounds with training and development of skills. It's about empowering women in business in the poorer parts of the globe and helping them to fulfil themselves by giving access to a variety of resources.

I watched the most horrendous film called Saving Face recently, which showed women in Pakistan being 'kept in their place' by the men in their life. Basically, if the man felt that his honour was being insulted by a woman's comments or attitude, he would throw acid in her face. It didn't matter that she might actually be earning more money than him from her hard work, her place was not to question him in any way.

As a result of witnessing this type of misogynistic attitude, I feel that this type of empowering initiative should be supported as much as possible.

The Athena Network Singapore are Asia Pacific's leading business community for female executives and entrepreneurs and provide a platform for their members to share knowledge and experience across a wide range of niches, allowing them to work together for mutual success.

Recently Diageo offered a prize of $10,000 of funding for the development of an online community platform that enables female executives and entrepreneurs to empower other women who do not have access to such essential information, resources and support.

The Athena Network was one of three shortlisted companies that supported their initiative in Singapore and eventually won the prize because their hashtag #planwAthena was the most retweeted.

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