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Hidden Addresses Showing - Google Places/Plus Bug March 2013

by Jo Shaer, on March 22, 2013

hidden google plus places listingIf you are a service based business where customers cannot just walk off the street into your office, then Google Places/Plus rules state that you should have your address hidden.

But, over the last couple of days, the initial whimpers have grown into a torrent of anguish that hidden addresses are currently showing in the Google Places/Plus listings - even though they are still marked as hidden in the users' dashboards.

The first intrepid discoverers have tried a variety of means to stop this from happening but it's a Google bug and Google themselves are now aware.

The advice is to not waste your time trying to correct this but wait for further instructions/Google to iron out the problem at their end.

I am in compliance - my address is hidden in my dashboard

What I would remind everyone is that Google operatives are still calling from India to verify that businesses really do have a proper store front that is accessible during the business hours stated in their listing. They may not be aware of the current problems and if you give the wrong answers to their questions, they may just flick the switch to delete your listing.

If you should get a call, you should say "I am in compliance. My address is hidden in my dashboard but the Google bug is making it show. Please do not delete me!" and make certain that they understand the situation.

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