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How Can I Hide My Friend List on Facebook?

by Jo Shaer, on March 4, 2014

I was giving a special training session to a group of ladies from Chelmsford, who are independent distributors of a particular range of products. It was a question that I had not been asked before.

I asked them why they would want to hide their list of Facebook friends from their other friends. If you are careful about who you allow to be your friend and have set your privacy settings to Friends Only, there should not be any need to hide that list.

If you are an individual who has products that can be sold to friends on Facebook, then you might want to use your personal profile as part of your sales arsenal.

Why independent product distributors might want to hide their personal Friend list

However, there are some sales people who make friends with other independent distributors purely for the purpose of getting access to their list of friends. They know that some of these people will be that person's customers. They are people who are already buying that product, which makes them much easier to sell to.

It gives the rogue an 'in' if they try to friend those people and they can see that there is a mutual friend. They are trying to friend them purely with a view to selling to them in the future.

It can happen very easily if you are part of an independent distribution network. You let other members be your friends and it can come back and shoot you in the foot if you have not taken precautions to protect your customers.

How can I hide my Friends List on Facebook?

find your friend list on FacebookSo, how can you protect your friends list?

  • Well, first of all you need to go to your personal profile on Facebook.
  • Then, under the cover image, click on Friends in the navigation bar.
  • Now to the far right, you will see a pencil image.
  • Click on that and you will see the option to Edit Privacy and Manage Sections.
  • Click on Edit Privacy.

  • hide Facebook Friend list

  • Now a light box will come up. At the top is your Friend List.
  • Click on the small arrow that signifies a drop down menu to the right of it.
  • This will list the various options for who can see your Friend list.
  • You can select Only Me.
  • Now, only you can see your Friend List.


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