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Hide Posts On Facebook - Remove Other People's Images From My Newsfeed

by Jo Shaer, on July 29, 2013

hide posts on facebook update hide posts on facebook update
JULY UPDATE Changes to the Hide Posts on Facebook function.

As fast as I'm writing these, Facebook are making changes. Here is the new drop down menu that appears when you click the arrow at the top right of the post you don't want to see.

My only concern is that, with this new version, you do not get the option to report the post for abuse or spam.

In the light of what is happening over at Twitter and people's insistence on having a button for that purpose, I think that is definitely a backwards step.

hide posts on facebook hide posts on facebook

Jo How do I hide posts on Facebook so pictures of meat or cats don't appear in my newsfeed. I don't like seeing either!

Ha, easy enough!

Hide posts on Facebook

To hide posts on Facebook so you don't have to look at them in your newsfeed. Hover over the top right of the offending post or image. An arrow will appear which you can click to get a drop down menu.

Click hide.


However, be aware! If you hide posts from the same person too many times, Facebook will stop showing you their updates. It gets the idea that you don't like the things they are trying to share with you.

You can also check out the activity log to control which of your own activities appears on your timeline.


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