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How BNI could use Facebook's CTA to get new visitors - if it was allowed

by Jo Shaer, on March 6, 2015

The problem with being part of a networking franchise like BNI is that you don't have a lot of control over what goes onto the main website about your particular group.

And it seems that the powers that be have deemed this strategy not permissible too. All enquiries have to go via the main BNI site.

It does make me wonder, then, how contact pages on websites that have been set up for specific groups can then be allowed...?

All you want to do is use social media to encourage people to book a place at the breakfast meeting in your town. It just doesn't work if you send them to a generic page where they have to enter their post code to find the nearest group. Only the most determined people are going to go through several stages to get to a place where they can ask for more information on a website - when they could have signed up straight from your Facebook page!

Why sending people from Social Media to the BNI page doesn't work

You can send people from your Facebook page or LinkedIn page to the main page for the Southend group on the BNI website so they can find out a bit more but, after that, there is a disconnect. Yes, there is a telephone number for the President, Vice President, Secretary, etc and the date, time and venue for the meeting. But it's a very 'hard' page which really does not match the warm welcome that you would get if you did take the plunge and attend a breakfast.

Many groups go to the trouble of setting up their own bespoke website but that takes money or the time of your website design chapter member. And, in today's SEO climate, to get that website found requires the addition of regular content. Again, someone has to take the time to do that and, as we have discovered from our own experience, few people are ready to commit to producing even a few sentences on a regular basis.

So, what's the answer?

How BNI can use Facebook's CTA to get new visitors

bni-facebook-page-ctaWell, with the advent of Facebook's new Call-To-Action button in the cover image of all their business pages, it's the right time to introduce a dedicated sign up page for your BNI Group but without having to set up your own website.

The CTA feature allows you to add the words Book Now or Sign Up or Contact Us as a clickable button on your cover image. When readers click it, they can go through to the link of your choice. So, yes, you could just send them through to your page on the main BNI website.

OR you could have your own dedicated page where you control the information and can add your own warm welcoming message.

Get a dedicated sign up page for your BNI Group

bni-groups-use-facebook-cta-and-sign-upFrom £10+VAT per month plus a set up fee of £99+VAT, you get access to your own webpage.

And you have the ability to make any alterations to the images or copy or add any special events.

This page has its own dedicated URL that can be given out to anyone who is interested in finding out more.

The URL can be used on business cards, in Facebook or LinkedIn groups or status updates and on Twitter.

Call us today on 01702 476517 to find out how we can help you make the most of Facebook's Call To Action button for your BNI Group.

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