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How Can I Reply To Reviews In The New Google Places For Business Dashboard

by Jo Shaer, on March 13, 2014

Getting online customer reviews is difficult enough to start with, particularly on your Google Places/Plus Local page.

But if a customer does take the time to say something nice about your business, it is imperative that you be appreciative enough to respond.

By replying to the good ones, you earn the right to defend yourself against the bad ones - or better still turn the negative reviews into a marketing opportunity.

Having said that, you need to know how to reply to reviews in the new Google Places For Business Dashboard. And it's certainly not obvious.

In the past, if you were logged into the Google account for your Places page, you could go to the Google Places page and just click on the review itself and see the option to respond. But, not any more. All you will see on your Google+ page is the chance to share the review or report it.

How to reply to reviews in the new Google Places For Business Dashboard

respond to reviews in the new google places for business dashboardThese days, the reply feature is hidden in the new Google Places for Business dashboard itself.

Log in to your Google Places for Business dashboard.

In the right hand column, you will see the Reviews tab.

Click on that and you will see all your reviews.

Below each review is a button that allows you to 'respond' or 'view and edit the response' if you have left a reply already.

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