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How Can I Stop Facebook Business Fans and Likers Accessing My Personal Profile Pics?

by Jo Shaer, on October 13, 2017

My body building client who performs under his real name wants to be sure that no fans can access his family photos and other info on his personal profile.

Setting up your personal profile to select who can see your personal interactions on Facebook

facebook settingsSo, first of all, let's look at setting up your personal profile to ensure your privacy on Facebook.

Hover your mouse over the little arrow at the top right of the blue navigation bar and you will see the drop down menu that allows you to access your Settings.

Select Privacy from the left hand sidebar.

You can then click Edit on the right hand side of each of the individual sections to allow you to choose who you want to be able to connect with you - Public, Friends, Friends of Friends, etc. It will also allow you to decide who you want to be able access you via your registered email and who can tag you on Timeline and images.

facebook privacy and settings tools

Select the option to make all past posts "friends only" just in case you have a few family posts set as public in the past.

Choose whether you want the search engines to be able to index your personal profile. You should say no if you want to remain incognito.

Segmenting friends into lists so you can monitor who sees what

When you add friends, make sure that you put them into a specific list. Are they people that you want to be able to see photos of your children or your private activities? Put those people into Family and/or Close Friends. And then put anyone else into relevant lists that link them all together so you can tailor any personal content that you do want to show to those who are not Family or Close Friends.

You could look to activate Subscriptions so that people can follow your public status updates without having to friend you. However, if you are trying to keep the two entities separate, I would be tempted to leave that switched off and to not accept friend requests from people that you do not know or that you know through the pursuit of your business.

Don't link your personal profile to your business page in the About section.

Privacy levels on individual status updates and photo uploads

facebook status update privacy settingsWhen you add a status update or image, make sure that you select the correct Privacy options from the bottom right of the status update box. This can be controlled by default from the padlock in the blue navigation bar at the top right of your page. However, if you choose to change this for an individual status update, it will affect your default option so you need to go back there and ensure that is set correctly.

facebook privacy to friends

However, you should remember that if you comment on someone else's status updates, your name could appear to people who are not your Friends - depending on the level of privacy selected by the owner of that profile.

So, for example, my settings allow only friends of friends to see the status updates and comments of those who post on my timeline. So that's the friends of my friends are able to see you. If I had left that set to public, then anyone could see you.

This highlights the need to choose your personal profile image wisely. If you really want to keep your personal and business activities separate, don't put up an image that draws attention when you comment on other people's timelines.

Controlling access to your personal photos

We wrote a whole post on photo privacy here. It's really important that you check the privacy settings when you upload from your mobile phone. Most are set to public by default and then you have to go into each individual photo to change it to Friends or a stricter privacy setting.

Controlling access to your personal details

To control who sees what in terms of the personal information that shows when someone does check on your profile details, click the big 'Update Info' button

This will reveal a series of clickable options in the left hand sidebar covering
Work and Education
Places You've Lived
Contact & Basic Info
Family & Relationships
Details About You
Life Events

facebook privacy to control your personal infoIf you hover over the top right (1 in the image here) you will then see the familiar sharing control globe (2 in the image) and you can alter these to reflect just how much information you want each category of 'friend' to be able to see. So whether that's Public, Friends of Friend, Friends or customise it to one of your lists is up to you.

Facebook Privacy - What can other people see?

facebook privacy - view as Next to the Update Info Button is the Activity Log. Click the arrow and the resulting drop down menu will give you the option to View As. This shows you what your page looks like to a public viewer or subscriber.

The Facebook guidelines are quite helpful.

Need help to use Facebook for your business? Get helpful hints and tips on our Welcome to Facebook page.

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