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How Can I Stop These Stupid Game Invitations On Facebook?

by Jo Shaer, on July 29, 2014

It was a question that came up during a one to one training consultation on Facebook with Caron.

How can I stop these stupid game invitations on Facebook?

I felt her pain.

I have some friends who regularly invite me to play Farmville or Candy Crush. I was sure I had set my privacy so that I didn't see anything related to games. But that was some time ago. And these are notifications that appear under the globe in my blue navigation bar.

But how to get rid of them.

How to stop game invitations from appearing in your Facebook notifications

With the help of Wikihow, I discovered that, if you hover over the offending notification, there is an X which says Turn Off!

stop game notifications on facebook

When you click on the X, you then get the choice to Turn Off or Keep On notifications from that game.

turn off game notifications on facebookSo now I'm just waiting for Candy Crush to appear so I can turn that off as well.

Will keep you posted on whether it really does stop these stupid game invitations from appearing in my notifications.

If not, here's the sledgehammer approach!

Where can I block Games that my friends are playing on Facebook?

In the left hand sidebar of your home news feed, you will see a section called Apps. Here is where the Games and the Games Feed are located. Sometimes these items will have numbers after them indicating that some of your friends have been active there.

In Games, it will be invitations to play and other requests related to those games.

Select Games

Select Activity

Select Invites

Check Ignore against any/all requests there. You can also see an option to block any future attempts to be notified by a particular game in the yellow pop up that results.

ignore and block games on facebook

Click on block and you get this option.

If you are really fed up with getting invitations to play again, this looks like the way to go.

blocking games from inviting you on facebook

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