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How Can I Talk To My Family And Grandchildren Safely On Facebook

by Jo Shaer, on October 13, 2017

This was the plea from a couple of the ladies on my Facebook training courses over the last few months.

They want a Facebook business page to promote their products and services.

And they want that to be kept completely separate from their personal profile.

However, they still want to be able to talk to and share photos with their family and grandchildren in other parts of the world.

So, what can be done?

Setting up your Facebook profile so you can talk to your family and grandchildren without being seen by business colleagues

Well, it's simple enough really - you only accept friend requests from family members. Then make sure that they are all grouped into the list for Family.

facebook account settingsThen you lock down your profile so that only friends or family members can see anything.

Go To Settings in the drop down menu from the cog.

Select Privacy.

Ensure that you have Strict filtering on your Inbox rather than Basic.

Anywhere where you have the option 'Everyone, Friends of Friends or Friends', I would select 'Friends'. If you have the option to go into lists, select Family.

I would also ensure that you set it so that no one can find you through your email address or mobile phone number.

And stop any search engines from being able to find your personal profile on Facebook.

Choosing Facebook Timeline and Tagging Settings To Protect Your Privacy

Then you need to select the Timeline and Tagging Settings section.

facebook timeline and tagging settings

Check each section and choose 'Friends' or 'Family' wherever possible.

Choose 'On' in the settings where you get to review things before they go live.

Sharing photos of your grandchildren on Facebook

When it comes to photos, I am always a little cautious about uploading such images unless I am positive that the logins and passwords are very very secure. I had a call from a chap a few months ago who was distraught. Somebody had hacked into his personal profile and changed all the login information. He was no longer able to access the 3000 pictures of his boys growing up. But, worse still, someone else had control of them!

If you are positive that your account password could not be guessed and you want to share photos, ensure that these are uploaded so that they can only be seen by friends. You will need to check the settings on any mobile phone. The privacy setting on each photograph can later be individually changed from your PC.

privacy of photos of you on facebookWhen people upload photos to your timeline - whether or not they are of you or have been tagged as being of you, these will be stored in the Photos of You section and they will be visible to all your friends. You can click the dropdown menu in the description area of each photograph and choose to hide it from your timeline.

Any photo that you use as a cover image will be visible to the public so don't show off pics of your grandchildren here or in your profile picture.

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