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How Can I Tell If My Cheap Website Is Working For My Business?

by Jo Shaer, on September 15, 2013

where's the seo on my cheap website where's the seo on my cheap website
Jo, I have been offered a cheap website - 5 pages for £99 with a minimal monthly fee for hosting, is this going to work for my business?

I was having this conversation recently with a friend. They had been offered a cheap website and said that the days of the £400+ website were numbered.

I beg to differ.

There are cheap websites and there are cheap websites.

Wordpress websites can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And the beauty of them is that, in most cases, they offer the facility to start small and then grow a larger site covering more services later. They also come with a ready made blog which allows you to add content and target longer tail keywords for effective SEO. And, best of all, because they are similar to using Word, you can actually make some changes yourself without having to re-employ the web designer every time you want to change a product price or add a new member of staff.

Coded websites are more restrictive. They can look better from a design point of view. But, in most cases, it is not possible to add pages yourself if you are not experienced in code. You can pay to have a blog section added separately to allow you to target those long tail keywords later but this will need to be styled to match your existing website so will add another cost.

How can I tell if my cheap website is working for my business?

To make a website work for your business, it needs to rank. If you search for the name of your business and your website does not appear on the first page or results, then you have a big problem.

But appearing on the front page for the name of your business means that existing customers can find you. What about new clients? You need to have worked out what those people are typing into Google to find your product or service. These are the key words and phrases for your business.

The pages and posts on your website should reflect these key words and phrases if you want to stand a chance of getting onto the first page when people search.

Go to the most important product that you are advertising on your website.

Now check in the search bar at the top for the name of that page. This is what the search engine spiders will see.

If it says:


you have a problem. index.php?ref=4 does not mention your keyword. It doesn't even give Google a vague idea about what this page is about.

When you are on the page, right click on your mouse and then select the View Source option

If you see

is my cheap website working for my business is my cheap website working for my business

you have a problem.

Where it says title - it is not telling Google what the title of your page is - that's a huge missing factor.

Where it says description and content, can you see the """"? Well between those speech marks should be words telling Google what the page is about. There should be your main keyword in there.
If it's not telling Google anything at all, then you are missing another huge clue.

That's just three simple things that you can check to see if your cheap website actually includes the SEO that you may have been promised.

Check it now!


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