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How Do You Change Your Name On Google Plus

by Jo Shaer, on September 8, 2014

I had to change the Google Plus and Google account owner details for one of my clients. The member of staff who originally set everything up for the business had left, leaving everything on Google with his name on it.

But it's not obvious how you actually do it!

How do you change the name on Google Plus and Google accounts?

change your name on google plus

  • Log into your Google+ account.
  • Now you need to select Profile from the menu at the top left.
  • Then hover your mouse over the name and you will see the option to edit it.
  • Remember, this will change the name across all your Google properties.

Note also that, in the real world, names don't get changed very often and you may need to wait for three months before you can change it again.

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