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How Do I Add My Blog To My Facebook Business Page

by Jo Shaer, on March 29, 2013

"Is it very hard to add your blog to your Facebook page????? Was reading that a lot of people have done it. Just wondered if it was a technical job or fairly straightforward????"

Great question from regular commenter Lee.

March 2015 UPDATE: Sadly RSS Grafitti will be shutting up shop as from 1 May 2015. But we have found a new option - IFTTT. Here's our blog post on how to get your blog to autopost to your Facebook Business Page after that date.


So, you can use an app called Networked Blogs which links your blog to your Facebook page so it can autopost on your page whatever you put onto your blog - this post explains how to set up your blog and manage the autopost.

Alternatively, there is another one called RSS Graffiti which does the same thing.

Networked Blogs has the advantage that it allows you to become part of a network of bloggers - hence the name :) - and so other people can get to see your posts besides those on your Facebook wall.

Why you might not want to autopost from your blog to your Facebook business page

Having said that, there are a couple of caveats about autoposting. One is when you post something out without realising when it is going to be reposted - sometimes something unsuitable could clash with a public holiday or an unexpected national tragedy.

The second is that Facebook does seem to be penalising these third party apps in the newsfeed by severely restricting the number of people who will actually see it. Personally, I would advocate putting posts up twice - one via autopost but another manually, accompanied by a picture to draw attention to it in the newsfeed.

One other thing that we have noticed is that status updates which contain links can also suffer from Facebook's own censorship policy - Edgerank. They really do prefer that you don't try to send people away from Facebook, even if it's to your own blog.

blog on facebook

Adding your blog to your Facebook page without Edgerank issues

The best way to get your blog onto your Facebook business page is to have it included in a tab actually on your Facebook page with a custom Facebook URL that you can send people to. Facebook are far kinder to links that keep people on their platform.

But, again, this type of link can cause issues for mobile users. We can offer a custom short code that works for all types of devices.

Each time you post a new blog, you just add in the custom link and send people to see it from actually within Facebook

If you would like to know more about adding your blog to your Facebook page, please give us a call on 01702 476517

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