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How to copy music from iphone and transfer to samsung galaxy s3

by Jo Shaer, on January 23, 2013

You're on the home straight to moving from iTunes to Android but how to retrieve your previous music - especially items that you have paid to download from the iTunes store? For your information, I was using an iPhone 4.

Get Music Off iPhone

First you need to make sure that you have done a back up of your most recent additions to your iPhone.

Then, to begin to get a copy of your music from off your iPhone, you need to download the Easy Phone Sync app to your PC or Mac. Here's a useful video that talks you through this.

How to put music on galaxy s3

You are now ready to start the process of transferring the music onto the Galaxy S3.

First, you should make sure that either the Music Hub or the Music Player is one of your favourite apps by going into the Favourite Apps menu and selecting Edit from the top right hand corner. If your music player is not showing, you can then delete an app that you do not use by clicking the red dash beside it. Then click the Add App option that will appear in its place and choose the music one from the list of other apps that will appear as options. Don't forget to click Done in the top right hand corner when you have finished.

I chose Music Player because Music Hub seemed to want me to start creating accounts but I suspect that this is a way to save your music to a cloud so it's something I need to investigate further to ensure that my music continues to be backed up.

You then need to upload the Easy Phone Sync app onto your Galaxy S3 - either from the app store on the phone or via Google Play on your computer. Once activated, it connects with the one on your PC or Mac. Going back to the computer, you then go through the menus deciding and selecting which playlists and podcasts you want to sync from iTunes to your Galaxy.

You will see them start to upload onto your S3. Once it's completed, you can then access your music via the Music Player. You can add items to playlists by pressing the space to the left of the Home button which is in the centre at the bottom. As you put your finger there, you will see the icon appear for the next menu.

Other possible transfers of data

You can also sync your photos, videos and notes at the same time. Whilst I used Google Contacts to move the contacts from my iPhone to my Galaxy S3, you can also do it using this method.

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