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How To Create A Business Pinterest Account

by Alex Snell, on October 19, 2017

Pinterest can be a great asset for any business. Why? Pinning, tagging and sharing beautiful images can give potential clients another platform where they can interact with you. Not only this, but your ideal customer could be browsing a certain tag or topic.

Pinterest isn't just about, "Take a look at this pretty picture!" It is a platform that can be used to grow followers of your brand or business.

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Know, like and trust

Stay ahead of the Social Media game by sharing educational and interesting visual content. When potential clients are browsing Pinterest, are they typing in your keywords? Think about it. If you're not on Pinterest but one of your competitors is - who is gaining the most exposure?

As you build your online brand awareness, more and more people are going to see the content you're sharing. This leads to the inevitable -

  • Know: Potential customers will become more aware of your company
  • Like: Gain further outreach by users liking and pinning your great images
  • Trust: Who is the most trustworthy company to buy from in the eyes of a new lead? The business they've come to know on Pinterest, of course!

Create A Business Pinterest Account

So, let's not delay any further. Here's our step by step guide on creating a Pinterest for your business.

Note: There's also an option of converting an existing personal account into a business account.

Pinterest 112.jpg

  • Next, you'll want to click the red button that reads, 'Join as a business.' (See above)
  • Now you should be redirected to a new page that includes a sign-up form. Fill out the information about your business into the fields given.

Pinterest 2 (1) edit.jpg

There is a tab featured on the 'Select a business type' field. This allows you to view a drop-down list of options. Select the business type most suited to your company. This is an important feature to not only help Pinterest's organisation - but to help the right people find you.

Pinterest 3 (1).jpg

Choosing an email and password

Insert your business email address rather than a personal email. This may seem like an obvious blunder to avoid, but this can be a very pesky and inconvenient mistake to make!

Select a very strong password. You must protect your business accounts on social media from possible hacking. Your password should include a mix of letters (including capital), numbers and special characters. Do not use words associated with your business - these can be guessed! If for any reason you wish to change your Pinterest password at a later date, this option is available.

Almost there...

Next, you will be asked to choose some categories of pictures you’d like to see. Pinterest will display a list of options, where pictures are organised into topics and categories. (You must click some to be able to continue signing into your new account – don’t worry, you can unfollow them later.)

Pinterest 4 (1).jpg

Once you’re in, you’ll have an option for a Google Chrome add-on that you can skip to get to your Pinterest account straight away.

Pinterest 5 (1).jpg

BOOM – You’re in!

You should receive a welcome message via Email. If these become too much to handle, you can unsubscribe from Pinterest Emails.

Now you're all set, remember to look out for our future posts on Pinterest for businesses!

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